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Mar 9, 2023
Production Ready DLL Injection

The last article in a series on DLLs, where we learn about the importance of RTFM, discuss subclassing pitfalls, how to debug DLLs, and end things on a high note by writing a production-ready DLL injector.

Mar 7, 2023
Injecting DLLs With Rust

A hands-on walkthrough that discusses DLL injection techniques, challenges, considerations, and finishes things off by writing a DLL injector in Rust using the `dll-syringe` crate.

Feb 28, 2023
Creating A Window With Rust

An in-depth tour of application windows - their structure, how they're created, how they communicate with the operating system using messages, how their appearance and behavior can be overridden through the use of subclassing, and more!

Feb 24, 2023
Creating A DLL With Rust

A gentle introduction to Windows DLLs which explains their purpose, structure, how to write them in Rust, and for good fun, seeing what happens when we inject one into Notepad.exe using Process Hacker.

Feb 15, 2023
How I Setup This Blog

We journey into the world of "roam-like" pkms, discuss my one-click publishing workflow, and then I show you how I setup this blog using Obsidian, MkDocs, GitHub Actions and duct tape.

Jan 14, 2023
How To Quickly Setup A Wireless MitM Proxy

A short guide to quickly deploying a wireless Man-in-the-Middle (MitM) proxy using a Kali Linux VM running on VMWare Fusion (Mac) or VMWare Player (PC).

Sep 19, 2022
How I Overengineered My Home Network

Here's how I overengineered my home network to help make it resilient against untrusted devices and keep friends and family safe...

May 13, 2022
How To Size A Solar Battery Install

Are you considering installing solar panels on your home? While finding installers and getting quotes may be relatively straightforward, determining the appropriate size for a home solar battery backup system can be a challenge. Last year, I was going...

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