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Samsung Refrigerator Integration


My fridge is an: RF23M8070SR

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Samsung WiFi Dongle

I purchased the Samsung Smart Home Adapter (HD39J1230GW) to integrate the kitchen fridge (Samsung RF23M8070SR) with Home Assistant. The dongle works poorly so I'd like to figure out how it works to see if I can improve it's functionality. There are no datasheets available, so comparing the images below, it appears that the "USB" connector is actually carrying a UART serial port signal.

This makes sense since the cabling to the port on the fridge is not shielded and due to the level shifting FETs on the top-left of the board.

The dongle uses the Qualcomm QCA4531 SoC: -


Pasted image 20230316222722.png Pasted image 20230316222731.png Pasted image 20230316222739.png

USB Pinout

Pasted image 20230316223420.png

Qualcomm QCA4531 SoC

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Refrigerator System Board

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Last update: 2023-03-30