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Introducing Sensie

The Sensie is a low-cost, Nordic NRF24-based wireless sensor board. For true sensor mass-acceptance, the price of sensor boards needs to be as low as possible. My target for this project was to hit a per-board total cost, including Nordic Module, of $7.

The Sensie has the following features:

  • iPod-charger powerable

  • Battery-powerable with JST PH-header

  • USB serial console

  • RTC for periodic sampling

  • Easily-accessible sensor headers

  • Ability to disable power to analog sensors

  • External counter pin

  • Drop-in BMP085 Barometer support

  • Drop-in Bluetooth module support

  • Fully wirelessly controllable sensors

  • A Beaglebone-based management interface

Last update: 2023-03-28